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Index of sections for T4T 2TIM

Intro:0 TI2 (Headers)

1:0 2 Timothy 1:1-2

1:1 This letter is from me, Paul, to you, Timothy.

1:3 I thank God that you sincerely believe in Christ Jesus.

1:6 So I remind you to do fervently what God has enabled and assigned you to do.

1:8 Never be ashamed either of the message or of me, but be willing to endure with me whatever we suffer because we tell the good news.

1:15 Many people have turned away from me, but Onesiphorus often cheered me up and was not ashamed of me.

2:1 Let God empower you; and entrust the message to loyal/trustworthy people.

2:3 Endure with me what we suffer for Christ Jesus.

2:14 Remind teachers about the things that I have told you and command them not to quarrel; and be sure that you yourself are the kind of person that God will approve of.

2:16 Have nothing to do with godless and foolish talk.

2:20 Avoid the bad things that some young people desire to do. Do good instead.

2:23 Do not discuss foolish questions but gently instruct those who oppose the true message.

3:1 Realize that evil people will cause the last days to be difficult. Avoid such people.

3:10 Continue to believe what you have learned and been assured of.

4:1 I solemnly command you to preach the true message and do everything that you ought to do.

4:9 Do your best to come to me soon.

4:16 The Lord will rescue me from everything that is evil and bring me safely to heaven.

4:19 Greet my friends there. Your friends here greet you. May the Lord bless you.