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Intro:0 PE1 (Headers)

1:0 1 Peter 1:1-2

1:1 I, Peter, am writing this letter to Jewish believers who have been scattered throughout five provinces in Asia Minor. I wish that God will bless them.

1:3 God has done great things for you. Although you are now enduring trials to test your faith, you are rejoicing about your salvation. That salvation is something that the prophets who lived long ago did not fully understand.

1:13 You must live holy and reverent lives and love each other, because Christ has bought you and given you a new life.

2:1 Do not act maliciously or be hypocrites. God is joining you together into a holy group in which his Spirit lives, to do things that are pleasing to him.

2:11 Avoid obeying your self-directed natures. Conduct your lives in a good way among unbelievers.

2:13 Submit yourselves to human authorities, and act as servants of God should.

2:18 You slaves must submit yourselves to your masters, even if they mistreat you. Imitate Christ in the way in which he suffered unjustly.

3:1 You women should submit yourselves to your husbands, even if they are not believers, and make your inner beings/hearts beautiful with qualities that will not fade away.

3:7 You men must live in an appropriate way with your wives, so that nothing will hinder your prayers.

3:8 Agree with each other, love each other, be humble, and bless those who do evil things to you instead of retaliating.

3:13 Do good things to others, even if you suffer for doing it, as Christ did.

4:1 Think as Christ did when he suffered, and conduct your lives as God wants you to, not doing the immoral things that you used to do.

4:7 Keep thinking sensibly. Love each other earnestly. Provide hospitality to others. Use your spiritual gifts well. Be kind to others with all the energy that you have.

4:12 Do not be surprised when you suffer for being Christians, and do not be ashamed when that happens. Instead, commit yourselves to God.

5:1 You elders must care for your congregations with enthusiasm, not being greedy for money or acting like bosses. Instead, be examples to them.

5:8 Resist the devil by always being alert and trusting in Christ’s message, remembering that believers everywhere are also suffering as you are.

5:12 I have written this short message to encourage you. The believers here, including Mark, greet you. May God give you inner peace.