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Index of sections for T4T PHM

Intro:0 PHM (Headers)

1:0 Philemon 1-3

1:1 I, Paul, am writing this letter to you, Philemon, and to those with you. May God bless you(pl).

1:4 I thank God and rejoice greatly because you have shown that you love God’s people.

1:8 Because I know that you love God’s people, I request, rather than command you, to do what you ought to do for my spiritual son Onesimus.

1:12 I am sending Onesimus back to you. He is as dear to me as my own self, and he will now be even dearer to you than he is to me.

1:17 If you consider me to be your partner, receive Onesimus as you would receive me. I guarantee to repay you whatever Onesimus owes you.

1:20 Please encourage me in this matter as you encourage other believers in Christ.

1:21 I have written this letter to you confident of your compliance with my request.

1:22 Also, keep a guest room ready for me.

1:23 My other fellow workers greet you(sg). May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you(pl) spiritually.