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Intro:0 TH1 (Headers)

1:0 1 Thessalonians 1:1

1:1 I, Paul, greet you believers who are in Thessalonica

1:2 We always thank God for you all. We continually remember the way you live as believers and we know that God chose you. The Holy Spirit enabled us to powerfully tell you the good message, and although people persecuted you greatly, you were joyful. As a result, you inspired all the believers who are in Macedonia and Achaia to trust in God firmly, as you do.

2:1 You and God know that it is true that we behaved in a very virtuous, upright, and irreproachable manner toward you. You know also that we continually exhorted, encouraged, and urged that you behave in the way that God’s people should.

2:13 We continually thank God also that you accepted as true a message that does not originate from human beings. Instead, you accepted as true the message that originates from God, and the result was that people caused you to suffer as Christ did.

2:17 It is because of you that we are pleased and joyful. So when people forced Silas, Timothy and me to be separated from you for a short time, we strongly desired to be with you.

3:1 When I could no longer endure worrying about you, I sent Timothy to you in order to find out whether or not you were still trusting in God.

3:6 Now Timothy has just returned and has told us the good news that you still trust in Christ. As a result, we have been cheered up, and we cannot thank God adequately for what he has done for you. Very frequently we ask God that we will be able to visit you and help you to trust him more strongly.

3:11 We pray that God will help us to return to you and that the Lord Jesus will help you to love each other and other people more and more, just like we love you more and more.

4:1 Just like we told you previously, we strongly urge you to increasingly live in a way that will please God.

4:3 God wants you, by your behaving in a sexually pure way, to show that you completely belong to him.

4:9 We urge you to increasingly love each other, to strive to work at your own occupations, and not meddle in others’ affairs.

4:13 God will cause to live again those believers who died and will bring them to the sky with Jesus. Encourage each other by telling this message.

5:1 We believers should be prepared for the time when the Lord Jesus returns and not be as unbelievers who will be unprepared. We must not be like them. On the contrary, we must be vigilant and self-controlled.

5:9 God has destined us believers to be saved from future punishment and to be able to live together with our Lord Jesus after he returns. Since this is true, encourage each other.

5:12 Recognize as leaders those people who care for and instruct you; highly esteem and love them. Live peacefully with each other.

5:14 Warn believers who will not work, and encourage and help those who need it. Be patient with all people. Do good things for all of them, including those who do evil things to you.

5:16 Always rejoice, pray, and thank God.

5:19 Evaluate all messages that people claim that the Holy Spirit gave them. Accept authentic messages and obey them.

5:23 We pray that God will cause you to be distinct people who behave right in every way, and I am sure that he will do this.

5:25 Pray for us. Affectionately greet all your fellow believers, and make certain that someone reads this letter aloud to all of them. May the Lord bless you.