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Index of sections for T4T 1SA

Intro:0 SA1 (Headers)

1:1 Samuel was born

1:21 Hannah dedicated Samuel to Yahweh

2:12 Eli’s sons were wicked

2:22 Eli warned his sons

2:26 A prophet warned what would happen to Eli and his family

3:1 Yahweh Called Samuel

4:1b The Philistines captured the sacred chest

4:12 Eli died

5:1 What happened when the sacred chest stayed among the Philistines

6:1 They returned the sacred chest to the Israelis

7:3 Yahweh rescued the Israelis

8:1 The Israelis asked for a king

9:1 Saul met Samuel

10:1 Samuel appointed Saul to be king

10:9 What Samuel prophesied came true

11:1 Saul’s army rescued the people of Jabesh

11:12 The people proclaimed Saul as king

12:1 Samuel’s final speech

13:1 Saul disobeyed God

13:16 Saul’s army had difficulties

14:1 Jonathan and his armor-bearer killed many Philistines

14:16 The Israelis defeated the Philistia army

14:24 The dispute about Jonathan eating honey

14:36 The soldiers rescued Jonathan from Saul

14:47 Saul’s army defeated many of their enemies

15:1 Saul’s army defeated the Amalekites

15:10 Yahweh rejected Saul as king

15:24 Saul asks to be forgiven

15:32 Samuel executed King Agag

16:1 Samuel appointed David to be king

16:14 David played the harp for Saul

17:1 Goliath challenged the Israeli army

17:12 David went to Saul’s camp

17:41 David killed Goliath

18:1 Saul became jealous of David

18:17 David married Saul’s daughter

19:1 Saul tried to kill David

19:11 Michal helped David escape

19:18 God’s spirit took possession of Saul

20:1 Jonathan helped David escape from Saul

21:1 David and his men hid in a cave

22:1 David and his men hid in a cave at Adullam

22:6 Saul killed Ahimelech and many other priests

23:1 David saved the people of Keilah

23:7 Saul pursued David

24:1 David spared Saul’s life

25:1 Samuel died

25:1b Nabal insulted David

25:36 Nabal died

25:39b David married Abigail

26:1 David spared Saul’s life again

26:12 David taunted Abner and Saul

27:1 David stayed among the Philistia people-group

28:1 Saul consulted a witch/medium

29:1 The king of Philistia sent David back home

30:1 David’s army defeated the Amalekites

31:1 Saul and his sons died in a battle