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Index of sections for T4T 3YHN

Intro:0 JN3 (Headers)

1:0 3 John 1-4

1:1 I, the Elder, write to you, Gaius, whom I truly love. I ask God that you will do well in all respects. I am happy because of the way you conduct your lives.

1:5 Continue receiving the visiting fellow believers, as you have been doing.

1:7 Especially provide for them financially.

1:9 Because Diotrephes does not recognize my authority, I will publicly expose what he does in opposing us.

1:11 Do not imitate a bad example; imitate good ones.

1:12 You will do well to receive Demetrius, who is highly recommended.

1:13 Instead of writing more, I expect to visit you soon, and we will speak directly with one another. Our mutual friends here send their greetings to all of you.