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Index of sections for T4T 2YHN

Intro:0 JN2 (Headers)

1:0 2 John 1-3

1:1 I, the Elder, write to the congregation and to all the members. I love you and know that God the Father and his Son will bless us.

1:4 I am happy that some of your members are living just like God commanded us to live.

1:5 Continue to love each other just like God commanded us to love when we first began to believe his true message.

1:7 Be on your guard against teachers of false doctrine, so that you will receive your complete reward of being with God eternally. Do not welcome or encourage any of these false teachers in any way.

1:12 Instead of writing much more to you, I expect to come and talk directly with you. The members of your sister congregation greet you.