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Intro:0 TH2 (Headers)

1:0 2 Thessalonians 1:1-2

1:1 We, Paul, Silas, and Timothy, are sending this letter to the congregation of God’s people in Thessalonica. We pray that God will continue to bless you with his kindness and inner peace.

1:3 We thank God very frequently that you are trusting in the Lord Jesus more and more.

1:5 God will judge all people justly. Specifically, he will publicly declare that you are worthy to enter that place where he will rule his people forever.

1:11 We are praying very frequently for you that God will consider you worthy to receive that to which he summoned you.

2:1 Do not quickly get worried and alarmed by any message that the Day of the Lord has already come.

2:3b The Lord will come only after that time when the man who will sin very greatly will appear.

2:6 This man will be revealed by God when he who is now preventing him from being revealed will have been removed by God.

2:9 When this man is present, he will completely deceive those who will perish.

2:13 God chose you in order that you should be saved and share in Christ’s glory.

2:15 Continue believing the teaching that we gave to you.

2:16 We pray that our Lord Jesus Christ himself will encourage you and cause you to continue doing and speaking what is good.

3:1 Pray that more and more people will believe the message about our Lord Jesus.

3:3 Our Lord Jesus will cause you to continue to be steadfast and he will protect you from the evil one.

3:6 We command you to disassociate yourselves from every fellow believer who refuses to work.

3:12 We command those fellow believers who are not working to support themselves by settling down and working.

3:13 You others, do not stop doing what is right because you are discouraged.

3:14 Publicly identify any fellow believer who does not obey what we have written in this letter and do not associate with him.

3:16 I pray that our Lord Jesus himself will give peace to you always and in every situation.

3:16b In closing, I pray that our Lord Jesus will continue to bless you all. I, Paul, am greeting you and I am writing this myself in order that you may know that it is I who have sent this letter.