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Index of sections for T4T 1KI

Intro:0 KI1 (Headers)

1:1 When King David was an old man

1:5 Adonijah tried to become the king

1:28 David arranged for Solomon to be declared king

1:41 Adonijah’s reaction

2:1 David’s final instructions before he died

2:13 Solomon had Adonijah killed

3:1 Solomon requested wisdom

3:16 Solomon made a very wise decision concerning two women

4:1 Solomon’s governors and officials

4:20 Solomon’s kingdom

4:29 Solomon’s wisdom

5:1 Preparations for building the temple

6:1 Solomon’s men built the temple

7:1 They built a palace for Solomon

7:13 Other things for the temple area

8:1 The sacred chest was brought to the temple

8:22 Solomon’s prayer

8:62 Solomon dedicated the temple

9:1 Yahweh’s reply to Solomon’s prayer

9:10 Other things that Solomon did

10:1 The queen of Sheba visited Solomon

10:14 Solomon’s wealth

11:1 Solomon’s many wives

11:14 Solomon’s enemies

11:26 What Yahweh promised to Jeroboam

11:41 Solomon died

12:1 The ten tribes rebelled against Rehoboam

12:25 Jeroboam’s sins

13:1 A prophet condemned the altar at Bethel

13:11 The old prophet from Bethel

14:1 Jeroboam’s son died

14:21 Rehoboam died

15:1 King Abijah of Judah

15:9 King Asa of Judah

15:25 King Nadab of Israel

15:33 King Baasha of Israel

16:1 When Baasha ruled Israel

16:8 When Elah ruled Israel

16:15 When Zimri ruled Israel

16:21 When Omri ruled Israel

16:29 When Ahab ruled Israel

17:1 Crows fed Elijah

17:17 Elijah restored to life the widow’s son

18:1 Elijah met with Obadiah

18:16 Elijah killed the prophets of Baal

18:41 Elijah prayed for rain

19:1 Elijah fled to the desert and then to Sinai Mountain

19:9b Yahweh gave instructions to Elijah

19:19 Elijah summoned Elisha

20:1 The Syrian army attacked Israel

20:13 Ahab’s soldiers won their first victory over the Syrians

21:1 Jezebel arranged for Naboth to be killed

22:1 Jehoshaphat talked with Ahab

22:10 Micaiah prophesied against Ahab

22:29 Ahab died in the battle

22:41 Jehoshaphat ruled in Judah

22:51 Ahaziah ruled in Israel