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1:0 Philippians 1:1-2

1:1 I, Paul, write this letter to all of you who are God’s people at Philippi. May God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord bless you.

1:3 I thank God and rejoice because you have been working together with me to make known the good message from when you first believed until now.

1:9 I pray that God will enable you to know how to love one another more and more appropriately and to completely understand how you should believe and act.

1:12 I want you to realize that as a result of my imprisonment many more people have heard the good message about Christ.

1:15 Even though some believers proclaim the message about Christ because they are antagonistic toward me, at least they are proclaiming Christ, and so I rejoice.

1:18b I will continue to rejoice because I know that I will remain completely victorious spiritually. I earnestly expect to boldly honor Christ whether I live or die.

1:27 Conduct yourselves just like you learned in the message about Christ, unitedly and fearlessly resisting those who oppose you and the gospel, since God is helping you in all your struggles.

2:1 Since Christ loves and encourages us and the Holy Spirit fellowships with us, make me completely happy by agreeing with one another, loving one another, and humbly serving one another.

2:5 You should think just like Christ Jesus thought. He willingly gave up his divine privileges and humbled himself, willingly obeying God although it meant disgracefully dying on a cross. As a result, God exalted him to the highest position, to be acknowledged by the entire universe as the supreme Lord.

2:12 Since you have always obeyed God, continue to try to do those things which are appropriate for people whom God has saved, and he will enable you to do so.

2:14 Always obey God and your leaders, and never complain about them or argue with them, in order that you may be perfect children of God, witnessing by how you live and what you say to the ungodly people among whom you live.

2:17 Because you and I dedicate ourselves together to do God’s will, even if I am to be executed, I will rejoice, and you should also rejoice.

2:19 I confidently expect that the Lord Jesus will enable me to send Timothy to you soon. He genuinely cares for your welfare, not his own interests. I am confident that the Lord will enable me also to come soon.

2:25 Since Epaphroditus longs to see you and is distressed, I am sending him back to you. So welcome him very joyfully. Since he nearly died while serving me on your behalf, honor him and all people like him.

3:1 As for the other matters, continue to rejoice and know that it is not tiresome for me and it is safe for you to mention them again.

3:2 Beware of those unholy people who will harm you spiritually by insisting that you must be circumcised in order to become God’s people.

3:4b Since I was circumcised properly and have a purely Hebrew ancestry, and since I kept the Jewish laws blamelessly, I could rely upon what I have done and who I am better than anyone else could, if it were beneficial for my salvation.

3:7 I now consider all these advantages that I once supposed would help me to be worthless, and I consider everything else as well to be worthless, because I want to know Christ, to be united with him, and to be made righteous through trusting in Christ alone.

3:12 Since you desire to be perfected and since you have my example of not considering that I am already perfect, but of constantly striving to become more and more like Christ, follow my example.

3:17 Imitate me and those who live as I do. Remember that there are many people who are bad examples, as shown by their lustful behavior, wanting to do what their bodies desire. But as for us, Christ will transform our weak bodies to be like his glorious heavenly body.

4:1 On the basis of all that I have told you, continue to believe firmly in the Lord Jesus Christ according to what I have just taught you, and act accordingly.

4:2 I urge Euodia and Syntyche to be reconciled with each other; help them in this since they have both proclaimed the good news faithfully together with me and my other fellow workers.

4:4 The Lord is coming soon. Always rejoice, be gentle to everyone. Do not worry about anything, but pray to God instead. As a result, God will grant you profound peace.

4:8 Continually think about everything that is good and praiseworthy. Continually practice whatever you have learned from me. As a result, God will be with you and give you inner peace.

4:10 I rejoice greatly because you have once again demonstrated your concern for me by giving to meet my needs, though it is true that Christ enables me to be content in every situation.

4:15 You Philippians know that in the early days of preaching the good news in your region you were the only congregation that sent me money. I do not say this because I desire your gifts, but I desire that God would abundantly bless you for aiding me.

4:18 I have received your very generous gift; God is very pleased with this gift, and he will abundantly supply your every need also. Let us praise him forever.

4:21 All of God’s people here, including those who serve God with me and those who work at the emperor’s palace, join me in greeting each one of God’s people there.

4:23 May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you.