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Index of sections for T4T MIC

Intro:0 MIC (Headers)

1:1 Micah 1 (Start of chapter)

1:2 Yahweh will punish Samaria

1:8 Micah mourned for Judah also

2:1 Yahweh will punish those who oppress the poor

2:6 False prophets

2:12 Yahweh promised to restore them

3:1 Micah rebuked the Israeli leaders

4:1 Yahweh’s future rule

4:6 The Israeli people will return from exile

5:2 A ruler will come from Bethlehem

5:5b Yahweh will rescue some and get rid of others

6:1 Yahweh accuses his people

6:9 The people of Israel are guilty and must be punished

7:1 Micah’s misery and his hope

7:8 Yahweh will rescue his people

7:14 Micah’s prayer and Yahweh’s answer