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Index of sections for T4T LUKE

Intro:0 LUK (Headers)

1:0 Luke 1:1-4

1:1 Luke told Theophilus why he was writing about all that Jesus did.

1:5 An angel told Zechariah that his wife Elizabeth would bear a son, John.

1:26 An angel told a virgin named Mary that she would bear a son, to be named Jesus.

1:39 Mary visited Elizabeth.

1:46 Mary praised God.

1:57 What happened when John was born.

1:67 Zechariah praised God and predicted what his son would do.

2:1 Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

2:8 Responding to the angel’s announcement, shepherds went to see Jesus.

2:21 They circumcised Jesus and presented him to the Lord.

2:25 Simeon prophesied about what Jesus would do.

2:36 Anna praised God for Jesus and told others about him.

2:39 Jesus grew up in Nazareth.

2:41 What Jesus did in the Temple when he was a boy.

3:1 s1 The beginning of John the Baptizer’s ministry

3:21 John baptized Jesus.

3:23 The list of Jesus’ ancestors.

4:0 Luke 4:1-13

4:1 Jesus refused to do the things that Satan suggested to him.

4:14 Jesus began his work in Galilee district.

4:16 The people of Jesus’ hometown tried to kill him after he rebuked them for rejecting him.

4:31 Jesus expelled an evil spirit.

4:38 Jesus healed Simon’s mother-in-law and many others.

4:42 Jesus told them that he had to preach in other towns.

5:1 Jesus chose some fishermen to be his disciples.

5:12 Jesus healed a leper and enabled him to associate with people again.

5:17 By healing a paralyzed man Jesus showed that he had authority to forgive sins, too.

5:27 Jesus answered criticism about associating with sinful people.

5:33 Jesus explained that people could not follow both their old customs and his new teaching.

6:1 Jesus explained why he had authority to decide what his disciples should do on the Sabbath day.

6:12 Jesus chose twelve apostles.

6:17 Jesus taught them which people God would be pleased with and which people he would be displeased with.

6:27 Jesus taught how we should act toward those who are not kind to us.

6:37 Jesus taught that we should not decide how God should punish others.

6:43 Jesus taught that what people do reflects their inner thoughts.

6:46 Jesus taught why it is necessary to obey his teaching, not just listen to it.

7:1 Jesus healed a man without going to his house because the man’s master believed that Jesus could do that.

7:11 Jesus caused a widow’s son to become alive again.

7:18 Jesus taught about his ministry and the ministry of John the Baptizer.

7:36 Jesus told why he appreciated the sinful woman pouring perfume on his feet.

8:1 The list of women who helped Jesus.

8:4 The story about four different kinds of soil.

8:9 Jesus explained that the story represented different ways people respond to his teaching.

8:16 Jesus explained the need to make his truth clear to others.

8:19 Jesus told them that some people are as dear to him as his own relatives.

8:22 Jesus calmed a storm.

8:26 Jesus expelled many demons from a man.

8:40 Jesus caused a young girl to become alive again, and healed a woman who had been bleeding for years.

9:1 Jesus sent out his apostles to teach and heal people.

9:7 Herod was uncertain about who was doing these miracles.

9:12 Jesus fed over 5,000 people miraculously.

9:18 After Peter expressed his belief that Jesus is the Messiah, Jesus predicted his own death and resurrection.

9:28 Jesus talked with Moses and Elijah.

9:37 Jesus expelled a demon from a boy.

9:43b Jesus predicted his arrest.

9:46 Jesus told his disciples who is really great in God’s sight.

9:49 Jesus told them not to forbid others from expelling demons.

9:51 People in a Samaritan town refused to welcome Jesus.

9:57 Jesus told three people what it would cost them if they became his disciples.

10:1 Jesus instructed 72 other disciples before sending them out.

10:13 Jesus warned the unbelievers in three towns.

10:17 Jesus commented on their ministry after the 72 returned.

10:25 Jesus taught that we must show our love to everyone, even ones we do not like to associate with.

10:38 Jesus rebuked Martha for being too concerned about household chores.

11:1 Jesus taught his disciples about prayer.

11:14 Jesus taught people various things about demons.

11:29 Jesus rebuked the people for wanting more miracles.

11:37 Jesus rebuked the Jewish leaders for only pretending to be good.

12:1 Jesus warned the people not to be like the Pharisees.

12:4 Jesus told them not to be afraid to tell others of their faith in him.

12:13 Jesus warned them about being greedy.

12:22 Jesus told his disciples not to worry about the things that they need.

12:35 Jesus told them that they should be ready for his return.

12:49 Jesus warned that people would face opposition even within their own families.

12:54 Jesus told the people that they needed to settle their relationship with God before it was too late.

13:1 Jesus warned people that God would punish them if they did not turn from their sinful lives.

13:6 Jesus warned that he would punish the Jews for not showing that they appreciated God’s blessings.

13:10 Jesus told a synagogue leader that he was being hypocritical regarding working on the Sabbath.

13:18 Jesus gave two illustrations about God’s rule over people’s lives.

13:22 Jesus warns that not all people who think that they will go to heaven will go there.

13:31 Jesus stated that it was necessary for him to die as a prophet in Jerusalem.

14:1 Jesus told the Jewish leaders that they were being hypocritical about not helping people on the Sabbath.

14:7 Jesus taught that we should not try to make ourselves seem important.

14:12 Jesus taught that we should share with others who cannot repay us.

14:15 Jesus taught that many Jews would reject God’s invitation to come to him.

14:25 Jesus warned that it would be difficult to be his disciple.

14:34 Jesus warned about losing our usefulness to God.

15:1 Jesus taught that God is pleased when people turn from their sinful behavior.

15:11 Jesus taught the Jewish leaders that they also ought to be glad when people turn from their sinful ways.

16:1 Jesus taught that we should handle our money in ways that are pleasing to God.

16:14 Jesus taught that God’s laws are permanent.

16:19 Jesus warned what would happen to those who did not share their possessions with poor people.

17:1 Jesus warned about God punishing those who cause others to sin.

17:5 Jesus taught them what big things they could accomplish if they had true faith.

17:7 Jesus taught that we should serve God faithfully without expecting to be thanked.

17:11 Jesus healed ten lepers, but only a non-Jewish one thanked him.

17:20 Jesus taught that God’s rule is within our lives.

17:22 Jesus told his disciples that without warning he would return and judge people.

18:1 Jesus taught about continuing to believe that God will answer prayer.

18:9 Jesus taught about not thinking that we are better than others in God’s sight.

18:15 Jesus taught about accepting God’s rule in our lives as easily as little children do.

18:18 Jesus taught that rich people do not easily let God rule their lives.

18:31 Jesus again predicted his death and resurrection.

18:35 Jesus healed a blind man.

19:1 Zacchaeus changed his way of life after talking with Jesus.

19:11 Jesus taught about being willing to take risks in using what he has given us.

19:28 Jesus entered Jerusalem humbly, but like a king.

19:41 Jesus prophesied that Jerusalem would be destroyed.

19:45 Jesus expelled the merchants from the Temple courtyard, and taught there.

20:1 Jesus refused to answer a question about his authority.

20:9 Jesus told a parable about how God would punish those who reject him.

20:19 Jesus foiled their attempts to trap him when they asked a question about paying taxes.

20:27 Jesus foiled their attempt to trap him with a question about the resurrection.

20:41 Jesus showed them that the Messiah must be greater than King David.

20:45 Jesus warned them not to show off like the teachers of the Jewish laws did.

21:1 Jesus taught that God commends people who give to him sacrificially.

21:5 Jesus warned about the terrible things that will happen before he returns.

21:20 Jesus predicted that Jerusalem would be destroyed.

21:25 Jesus told about frightening things that will happen before he returns.

21:29 Jesus taught them how to know when his return was near.

21:34 Jesus taught how to be ready for his return.

22:1 Judas agreed to put Jesus into his enemies’ hands.

22:7 Jesus arranged for his disciples to prepare the Passover meal.

22:14 Jesus told his disciples how they should remember his death for them.

22:24 Jesus taught the apostles that they should imitate him by serving each other humbly.

22:31 Jesus predicted that Peter would say that he did not know Jesus.

22:35 Jesus warned his disciples that they would soon face opposition.

22:39 Luke 22:39-46

22:47 Jesus’ enemies captured him.

22:54 Peter said three times that he did not know Jesus.

22:63 The soldiers made fun of Jesus.

22:66 The Jewish leaders asked Jesus about his identity.

23:1 Jesus was accused before Pilate, the Roman governor.

23:6 After Pilate sent Jesus to Herod, Jesus refused to answer Herod’s questions.

23:13 Pilate was unsuccessful in his efforts to set Jesus free.

23:26 The soldiers nailed Jesus to a cross.

23:32 The things that happened when Jesus died.

23:50 Joseph and others buried Jesus while some women watched.

24:1 Some women discovered that Jesus had become alive again.

24:13 Jesus appeared to two disciples as they were walking to Emmaus.

24:36 Jesus appeared to many of his disciples and taught them more and gave them other instructions.

24:50 Jesus left his disciples and returned to heaven.