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Intro:0 PE2 (Headers)

1:0 2 Peter 1:1-2

1:1 I, Simon Peter, am writing this letter to you whom God has caused to believe in Christ just like we apostles believe in Christ. I pray that God will bless you greatly.

1:3 God has given us everything that we need to receive eternal life and to live godly lives.

1:5 Try your hardest to develop a stable Christian character.

1:12 I intend to keep reminding you very frequently about these matters.

1:16 You can be sure that these matters are true, because we apostles ourselves witnessed that our Lord Jesus Christ is supremely great, and also because what the prophets say about him is completely reliable.

2:1 There will be false teachers among you who will behave wickedly and who will entice you to behave just like they do. God will certainly destroy them.

2:4 It is certain that God knows how to rescue those who are godly, and that he knows how to punish those who are unrighteous at the right time.

2:10b Because those teachers of false doctrine will behave wickedly and will entice people to do the same things that they do, God will destroy them.

2:17 Because those teachers of false doctrine will entice people to behave wickedly, God has reserved darkest hell for them.

3:1 I am writing this letter to you in order to help you remember what the holy prophets said and what our Lord and Savior commanded.

3:3 Although certain people will ridicule the idea that the Lord Jesus Christ is going to come back, the reason why he has not yet come back to judge people is that God is being patient with people; but Jesus will certainly come back and judge people.

3:11 You certainly ought to behave in a godly manner, because God will destroy everything, and because only those people who are righteous will live in the new heavens and on the new earth.

3:14 Do all you can to conduct your lives in a godly manner. Guard against those who would entice you to doubt what you now firmly believe.

3:18b I pray that Jesus Christ will always be honored.