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How to become respected in God’s kingdom

This is still a very early look into the unfinished text of the Open English Translation of the Bible. Please double-check the text in advance before using in public.

Readers’ Version

Literal Version 

10:35 How to become respected in God’s kingdom

(Mat. 20:20-28)

35Then Yacob and Yohan, the two sons of Zebedee approached Yeshua and asked, “Teacher, we’d like to ask a favour from you—please don’t disappoint us.”

36What do you want from me?” Yeshua asked.

37They answered, “Allow us two to sit beside you in heaven—one of us on each side of you.”

38[ref]But Yeshua replied, “You don’t even understand what you’re asking for. Do you think you could endure the suffering that I have to go through? Or to be enveloped in the darkness that I have to go down into?

39And they replied, “Sure we can.”

And indeed you all will suffer like me and be enveloped in darkness like I will be,” responded Yeshua, 40but as for deciding who will sit next to me, that’s not my decision to make because it’s already been decided.

41When the ten other apprentices heard what these two had asked for, they were upset at Yacob and Yohan. 42[ref]But Yeshua called them over, “Listen, in most countries their rulers boss the people around and their leaders exert their authority over them. 43[ref]But it doesn’t work like that with you—anyone of you who wanted to be honoured must serve the others, 44and anyone who wants to become the most respected has to work like a slave does. 45Even humanity’s child didn’t come to be served, but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom to set many people free.

35And Yakōbos/(Yaˊaqov) and Yōannaʸs the two sons of_Zebedaios are_approaching to_him, saying to_him:
Teacher, we_are_wanting that whatever if we_may_request you, you_may_do for_us.
36And he said to_them:
What are_you_all_wanting me I_may_do for_you_all?
37And they said to_him:
Give to_us, that we_may_sit_down in with_the glory of_you, one on the_right and one on the_left of_you.
38And the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) said to_them:
You_all_have_ not _known what you_all_are_requesting.
Are_you_all_being_able to_drink the cup which I am_drinking, or to_be_immersed the immersion which I am_being_immersed?
39And they said to_him:
And the Yaʸsous said to_them:
The cup which I am_drinking, you_all_will_be_drinking, and the immersion which I am_being_immersed, you_all_will_be_being_immersed, 40but which to_sit_down on the_right or on the_left of_me, is not mine to_give, but for_whom it_has_been_prepared.
41And having_heard, the ten began to_be_resenting about Yakōbos and Yōannaʸs.
42And having_called_to them, the Yaʸsous is_saying to_them:
You_all_have_known that the ones supposing to_be_ruling over_the pagans are_exercising_mastership over_them, and the great ones of_them are_exercising_authority over_them.
43But it_is not thus among you_all, but whoever wishfully may_be_wanting to_become great among you_all, will_be servant of_you_all, 44and whoever wishfully may_be_wanting to_be first among you_all, will_be slave of_all.
45For/Because even the son of_ the _man came not to_be_served, but to_serve and to_give the life of_him as_a_ransom for many.

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