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The Letter to the Romans 8

8So now, God absolutely does not condemn anyone whom he has united with the Messiah Jesus. 2This is true because the principle that pertains to the life-giving Holy Spirit has caused you believers to no longer be controlled by the principle that causes people to sin and die eternally. It did this by uniting you with the Messiah Jesus. 3Indeed, God accomplished what the laws he gave the Jews could not accomplish, because they could not prevent people from living sinfully. Through the crucifying of his Son’s body, God removed how sinning controls people. He did this by sending his own Son Jesus to the world in a human body that was like the bodies of sinful people. God sent his Son in order to remove that which causes man to sin. 4God did these things so that we believers could do the righteous acts that the laws he gave the Jews required. We can live as people whom living sinfully does not control. Rather, we can live as people whom the Holy Spirit controls. 5This is true because those people whom living sinfully controls think about those things that are related to living sinfully. However, those people whom the Holy Spirit controls think about those things that are related to the Holy Spirit. 6Indeed, focusing on living sinfully will cause a person to die eternally. However, focusing on the Holy Spirit will cause a person to live eternally and peacefully. 7This is true because people who focus on living sinfully are God’s enemies. This is because they do not voluntarily obey the laws God gave the Jews; they are incapable of doing so. 8But those whom living sinfully controls are incapable of pleasing God. 9By contrast, you believers are not those whom living sinfully controls. Rather, you are those whom the Holy Spirit controls because God’s Spirit really does reside within you. But if some person does not possess Jesus the Messiah’s Spirit, this person does not belong to the Messiah. 10Now, since the Messiah resides within you believers, the Holy Spirit gives you eternal life because he has made you righteous. This is true even though your bodies will die because you sin. 11The Holy Spirit does indeed reside within you. He came from God, who caused Jesus to become alive again after he had died. Since this is true, God, who caused the Messiah Jesus to become alive again after he had died, will also cause your physical bodies to become alive again by his Spirit. This Spirit resides within you.

12Therefore, my fellow believers, we are obligated. But we are not obligated to live sinfully, which means to live like those whom living sinfully controls. 13Indeed, if you live like those whom living sinfully controls, you will die eternally. However, if the Holy Spirit enables you to stop doing what is sinful with your bodies, you will live eternally.

14This is because those people whom God’s Spirit guides are God’s spiritual children. 15Indeed, God has not given you believers an enslaved mind to terrify you, such as you had before. Rather, God has given you the Holy Spirit to spiritually adopt you as his children. It is the Holy Spirit who enables us to cry out, “Abba, my Father!” 16The Holy Spirit personally testifies, along with our own minds, that we are God’s spiritual children. 17Since we are God’s spiritual children, we are also those who will inherit blessings from God. We inherit blessings from God himself and also together with the Messiah Jesus. This is true only if we keep suffering together with the Messiah in order for God to also glorify us together with the Messiah.

18Indeed, I regard what we believers in the Messiah suffer at this time as being incomparable to what glorious things God will reveal to us in the future. 19Indeed, what God created is very eagerly waiting for the time when God reveals whom his spiritual children are. 20This is because God subjugated what he created so that it became useless. What God created did not want this to happen. Rather, God subjugated what he created because he wanted to do so. He did this to keep the creation confidently expecting 21that God would also enable what he created to stop decaying and let it freely experience the same glorious status that belongs to his spiritual children. 22Indeed, we are aware that, even at the present time, everything God has created keeps groaning and suffering together like a mother experiencing pain before bearing a child. 23It is not only what God created that groans! On the contrary, even we ourselves who possess the Holy Spirit as the first portion from God feel suffering. We feel this way while we eagerly wait for God to spiritually adopt us, which will be when God redeems our bodies. 24This is so because God rescued us while we confidently expect this. If we already had what we have been confidently expecting, then we would have nothing to confidently expect. This is because surely nobody confidently expects something that he already has. 25Yet, if we keep on confidently expecting what we do not yet have, then we will keep on eagerly waiting for it while persevering.

26The Holy Spirit similarly also assists us because we are weak. This is because we are not aware for what we should pray. However, the Holy Spirit personally pleads on our behalf by groaning without speaking words. 27Now God is the one who investigates what we think and feel. He is aware of what the Holy Spirit intends, because the Spirit pleads for the sake of God’s people according to what God wants.

28We are certain that God makes all things that happen to benefit those who love him. They are the people whom God called because he previously planned to do so. 29This is because those whom God chose in advance, he also decided in advance to make resemble his Son Jesus. God did these things in order for his Son Jesus to have first place among many spiritual siblings. 30Certainly, the people whom God chose in advance to become his people, he also summoned to become his people. And those people whom God summoned to become his people, he also made righteous. And those people whom God made righteous, he will also make glorious.

31Since these things are true, then we should say this about them: since God supports us, surely no one is powerful enough to oppose us! 32God did not even spare his own Son, Jesus. On the contrary, God handed him over to die for the sake of us all. So God surely will also graciously give us, along with Jesus, every blessing! 33Surely no one can rightly accuse those whom God chose to become his people! This is because God is the one who makes people righteous. 34Surely no one can condemn God’s people! This is because the Messiah Jesus is the one who died. Furthermore, he is the one whom God made alive again. He is also at the place of highest honor next to God, and he even pleads for our sake. 35Surely no one can make Jesus stop loving us! If people trouble us or distress us or persecute us, or if we are hungry or naked or in danger, or if people kill us with swords, surely none of those things can make Jesus stop loving us! 36This is what God meant when he said in the Scriptures, “They constantly kill us because of you, God. They consider us to be like sheep for them to slaughter.” 37However, he who loved us enables us to completely overcome all of these things that might happen to us. 38In fact, God has persuaded me that none of these things—whether being dead, or what happens while we are alive, or angels, or demons who rule, or things that are happening to us, or things that will happen to us, or powerful demons, 39or what is above us, or what is below us, or anything else that God created—can stop God from loving us! God loves us because we are united to the Messiah Jesus, our Lord!

ROM 8:1–8:39 ©