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T4T EXO Chapter 25

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Yahweh gave Moses instructions about a big Sacred Tent for their worship

25Yahweh said to Moses/me, “There are many things that I want you to tell to the Israeli people.

2Tell them that they must give offerings/gifts to me. Receive from the people every offering/gift that they want to give to me. 3These are the things that they may offer/give: Gold, silver, bronze, 4blue, purple, and scarlet yarn/wool, fine linen/white cloth►, goats’ hair for making cloth, 5rams’ skins that have been tanned/dyed red►, goatskins, hard wood from acacia trees, 6olive oil to burn in the lamps, spices to put in the olive oil for anointing the priests and in the sweet-smelling incense, 7expensive quartz stones called onyx, and other expensive stones to be fastened to the priest’s vest and put on the pouches that are to be fastened to the vest. 8Tell the people to make a big Sacred Tent for me, so that I can live in it among them. 9They must make the Sacred Tent and all the things that will be used inside it according to the plan/model that I will show you.”

Instructions for making the sacred chest

10Tell the people to make a sacred chest from acacia wood. It is to be 45 in./110 cm.► long, 27 in./66 cm.► wide, and 27 in./66 cm.► high. 11Cover it with pure gold inside and outside, and put a gold border around the top of it. 12They must make/cast four rings from gold and fasten them to the legs of the chest. Put two rings on each side of the chest. 13They must make two poles from acacia wood, and they must cover them with gold. 14They must put the poles into the rings on the sides of the chest, so that the chest can be carried by the poles. 15The poles must always be left in the rings; they must not take the poles out of the rings. 16Put inside the chest the two stone slabs that I will give you, on which I have written my commandments.

17Tell them to make a lid for the chest from pure gold. It will be the place where I will forgive people’s sins. It also is to be 45 in./110 cm.► long and 27 in./66 cm.► wide. 18Tell them to hammer huge lump of gold into the form of two creatures that have wings. 19One of these is to be put at each end of the chest, but the gold from which they are made must be joined to the gold from which the lid is made. 20Tell them to place the winged creatures so that their wings touch each other and spread out over the lid. 21Put inside the chest the stone slabs that I will give you. Then fasten the lid onto the top of the chest. 22I will set times to talk with you there. From above the lid of the chest, between the two winged creatures, I will tell to you all my laws that you must tell to the Israeli people.”

Instructions for the table for the sacred bread

23Tell them to make a table from acacia wood. It is to be 36 in./88 cm.► long, 18 in./66 cm.► wide, and 27 in./66 cm.► high. 24Tell them to cover it with pure gold and put a gold border around it. 25Tell them to make a rim all around it, 3 in./7.5 cm.► wide, and put a gold border around the rim. 26Tell them to make/cast four rings from gold and fasten the rings to the four corners of the table, one ring close to each leg of the table. 27The rings should be fastened to the table near the rim. 28Make two poles from acacia wood and cover them with gold. The poles for carrying the table are to be inserted in the rings. 29Also tell them to make plates, cups, jars, and bowls to be used when the priests pour out wine to offer to me. They must all be made from pure gold. 30On the table, in front of the chest, there must always be the loaves of sacred bread that the priests have offered to me.”

Instructions for the lampstand

31Tell them to make a lampstand from pure gold. They must hammer one large lump of gold to make its base and its shaft. The branches of the lampstand, the cups for holding the oil, the flower buds and the flower petals that decorate the branches of the lamp, the base, and the shaft are all to be hammered from one big lump of gold. 32There are to be six branches on the lampstand, three on each side of the shaft. 33Each of the branches is to have on it three gold decorations that will look like almond blossoms. These decorations must also have flower buds and flower petals. 34On the shaft of the lampstand there are to be four gold decorations that also look like almond blossoms, each one with flower buds and petals. 35On each side, there is to be one flower bud beneath each of the branches. 36All these buds and branches, along with the shaft, are to be hammered from one large lump of pure gold. 37Also tell them to make seven small cups for holding oil. One is to be put on top of the shaft and the others are to be put on top of the branches. Place these cups so that when the lamps are lit, the light will shine toward the front of the lampstand/entrance►. 38Tell them to make tongs from pure gold, to remove the burned wicks and trays in which to put the burned wicks. 39Tell them to use 75 pounds/35 kg.► of pure gold to make the lampstand and the tongs and the trays. 40Make sure that they make these things according to the instructions that I am giving you here on this mountain.”

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