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OET by section ACTs 12:6

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A messenger leads Peter out of prison

This is still a very early look into the unfinished text of the Open English Translation of the Bible. Please double-check the text in advance before using in public.

Readers’ Version

Literal Version 

12:6 A messenger leads Peter out of prison

6Herod planned to send for Peter later that evening, but meanwhile Peter had fallen asleep chained with two chains between two soldiers. There were also prison guards at the door 7but one of the master’s messengers suddenly appeared standing by Peter and light radiated through the prison cell. The messenger poked Peter in the side to wake him up, saying, “Quickly, get up!” The chains fell off his wrists 8and the messenger said, “Get dressed and put on your sandals,” so he did. Then the messenger said, “Now put on your coat and follow me.” 9So Peter followed the messenger out of the cell, not really knowing if it was real or if he was still dreaming. 10They went past the first guard and then the second, and then came to the iron gate which led out of the prison into the city. The gate opened by itself and they went out onto the street, then at the end of the street the messenger suddenly left him.

11By now Peter was fully awake and said to himself, “Now I know that the master really did send his messenger to rescue me from Herod and from the plans of the Jewish leaders.”

12Now that he realised this, he went to Maria’s house (the mother of Yohan Mark) where many believers had met to pray. 13He knocked at the door in the fence and a servant girl named Rhoda came out to see who it was. 14But when she recognised Peter’s voice, she was so excited that she forgot about opening the door, but ran back inside to tell everyone that Peter was standing out there. 15They told her that she must be raving mad, but she insisted it was true, but they said that it must be his messenger.

16Meanwhile Peter continued knocking, and when they eventually opened the outer door, they saw that it was him and they were amazed. 17But Peter signalled them with his hand to be quiet, and then he explained how the master had led him out of the prison, and instructed them, “Tell this to Yacob and the brothers.” Then he left and went off to another place.

18Once daylight came, there was pandemonium among the soldiers in the prison as they tried to figure out what had happened to Peter. 19Then when King Herod sent for Peter and he wasn’t there, the prison guards were interrogated and then taken away to be executed.

After that, Herod left Yudea and went up to Caesarea to stay.

6And when the Haʸrōdaʸs was_going to_bring_ him _forth the on_ that _night, the Petros was being_fallen_asleep between two soldiers, having_been_bound with_ two _chains, and guards before the door were_guarding the prison.
7And see, an_messenger of_the_master stood_by, and a_light shined in the prison_cell.
And having_struck the side of_ the _Petros, he_raised him saying:
Rise_up in quickness.
And the chains from his hands fell_from.
8And the messenger said to him:
Gird yourself and tie_on the sandals of_you.
And he_did thus.
And he_is_saying to_him:
Clothe the coat of_you, and be_following after_me.
9And having_come_out he_was_following, and he_had_ not _known that what becoming by the messenger is true, but he_was_supposing to_be_seeing a_vision.
10And having_passed_through the_first guard and the_second, they_came to the the iron gate, which leading into the city, which automatic was_opened_up to_them, and having_come_out they_went_ahead on_ one _street, and immediately the messenger withdrew from him.
11And the Petros having_become to himself said:
Now I_have_ truly _known that master sent_away the messenger of_him, and rescued me out_of the_hand of_Haʸrōdaʸs and all the expectation of_the people of_the Youdaiōns.
12And having_seen, he_came to the house of_ the _Maria/(Mirəyām), the mother of_Yōannaʸs, who is being_called Markos, where many were having_been_convened_together and praying.
13And of_him having_knocked the door of_the gate, a_servant_girl by_the_name Ɽodaʸ approached to_answer.
14And having_recognized the voice of_ the _Petros, from the joy she_ not _opened_up the gate, but having_run_in she_reported the Petros to_have_stood before the gate.
15And they to her said:
But she was_insisting to_be_having thus.
And they were_saying:
It_is the messenger of_him.
16But the Petros was_continuing_on knocking, and having_opened_up it they_saw him, and they_marvelled.
17But having_gestured to_them with_his hand to_be_keeping_silent, he_described to_them how the master led_ him _out from the prison.
And he_said:
Report these things to_Yakōbos/(Yaˊaqov) and to_the brothers.
And having_come_out, he_was_gone to another place.
18And having_become day, there_was no little disturbance among the soldiers, what consequently became the Petros.
19And Haʸrōdaʸs having_sought_after him and not having_found  him, having_examined the guards, commanded them to_be_led_away to_death.
And having_come_down from the Youdaia to Kaisareia, he_was_staying.

ACTs 12:6–12:19 ©