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Open English Translation YHN (JHN) Chapter 20

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Readers’ Version

Literal Version

20:1 The body is missing from the chamber

(Mat. 28:1-8, Mark 16:1-8, Luke 24:1-12)

20The following Sunday, Maria from Magdala went out to the tomb very early when it was still dark, and she saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance. 2So she ran quickly and went to Simon Peter and the other intern that Yeshua loved, and told them, “They’ve taken the master’s body out of the tomb and we don’t know where they’ve put it.”

3So Peter and the other intern went out to the tomb. 4They were running together, but the other intern was a bit faster than Peter and so he got to the tomb first. 5Without going in, he stooped down at the entrance and looked in and saw the linen strips lying there. 6But Peter came along behind him and went straight into the tomb and also saw the linen strips lying there. 7But the piece of cloth that had been on the head wasn’t lying there with the linen strips, but had been folded and placed separately. 8So now the other intern who had arrived first also went inside and he saw it all and believed that Yeshua had risen. 9(At that time they weren’t yet aware of the scripture about him coming back to life.) 10So they went back again to their homes.

20And on_the first day of_the week, Maria/(Miryām) the from_Magdala is_coming early, to the tomb still being darkness, and is_seeing the stone having_been_taken_away from the tomb.
2Therefore she_is_running and is_coming to Simōn Petros, and to the other apprentice/follower whom was_loving the Yaʸsous, and she_is_saying to_them:
They_took_away the master out_of the tomb, and we_have_ not _known where they_laid him.
3Therefore the Petros and the other apprentice/follower came_out, and they_were_coming to the tomb.
4And the two were_running together, and the other apprentice/follower ran_ahead more_quickly than the Petros, and came to the tomb first.
5And having_stooped_down, he_is_seeing lying there the linen_cloths, however he_ not _came_in.
6Therefore Simōn Petros is_ also _coming following after_him, and came_in into the tomb, and is_observing the linen_cloths lying there, 7and the handkerchief, which was on the head of_him, lying there not with the linen_cloths, but separately having_been_wrapped in one place.
8Therefore then the other apprentice/follower also came_in, which having_come first to the tomb, and he_saw and believed, 9for/because they_had_ not_yet _known the scripture that it_is_fitting him to_rise_up from the_dead.
10Therefore the apprentices/followers they_went_away again to themselves.

20:11 Yeshua reveals himself to Maria from Magdala

(Mat. 28:9-10, Mark 16:9-11)

11But Maria had stayed there outside the tomb weeping. But when she stooped down and looked into the tomb, 12she saw two messengers dressed in white sitting there—one at the head end and one at the feet end of the slab where Yeshua’s body had been lying. 13They spoke to her, “Woman, why are you crying?”

Because they’ve taken away my master,” she replied, “and I don’t know where they’ve put him.”

14Then she turned back around and saw Yeshua standing there, but she didn’t realise who it was. 15Yeshua asked her, “Woman, why are you crying? Who are you looking for?

Maria assumed he might be the gardener, so she answered, “Mister, if you took the body, tell me where you put it and I’ll get it taken away for you.”

16Yeshua just answered, “Maria.

She spun around and said, “My teacher!” (‘Rabboni’ in Hebrew.)

17Don’t touch me,Yeshua said to her, “because I haven’t gone back up to the father yet, but go and tell my brothers that I’m going up to my father and the father of you all, and my god and the god of you all.

18So Maria went and told the trainees, “I’ve seen the master,” and she told them what he’d said.

11But Maria/(Miryām) had_stood at the tomb outside weeping.
Therefore as she_was_weeping, she_stooped_down into the tomb, 12and is_observing two messengers in white sitting, one at the head, and one at the feet, where the body of_ the _Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) was_lying.
13And those are_saying to_her:
Woman, why are_you_weeping?
She_is_saying to_them:
Because they_took_away the master of_me, and I_have_ not _known where they_laid him.
14Having_said these things, she_was_turned back to the things, and is_observing the Yaʸsous having_stood, and had_ not _known that it_is Yaʸsous.
15Yaʸsous is_saying to_her:
Woman, why are_you_weeping?
Whom are_you_seeking?
That woman supposing that he_is the gardener, is_saying to_him:
Master, if you bore him, tell to_me where you_laid him, and_I will_be_taking_ him _away.
16The Yaʸsous is_saying to_her:
that woman Having_been_turned is_saying to_him In_Hebraios:
Rabboni (that is_being_called:
17The Yaʸsous is_saying to_her:
Be_ not _touching against_me, because/for I_have_ not_yet _gone_up to the father, but be_going to the brothers of_me, and say to_them:
I_am_going_up to the father of_me, and the_father of_you_all, and god of_me, and god of_you_all.
18Maria/(Miryām) the from_Magdala Is_coming announcing to_the apprentices/followers, that I_have_seen the master, and he_said these things to_her.

20:19 Yeshua appears to his followers

(Mat. 28:16-20, Mark 16:14-18, Luke 24:36-49)

19On Sunday evening Yeshua’s trainees had met together and had the doors locked because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders, but Yeshua arrived and stood in the middle of the room and said, “Peace to you all.” 20Then he showed them his hands and his side and they were so happy now that they had seen the master. 21Yeshua continued, “Peace to you all. Now I am sending you all out just like the father sent me out.22Then he breathed on them and said, “Receive the holy spirit. 23[ref]If you forgive anyone’s sins, then they’ll be forgiven but if you withhold forgiveness, then it will be withheld.

19Therefore being evening the on_ that _day the first of_the_week, and the doors having_been_shut where the apprentices/followers were because_of the fear of_the Youdaiōns, the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) came and stood in the midst, and is_saying to_them:
Peace to_you_all.
20And having_said this, he_showed his hands and his side to_them.
Therefore the apprentices/followers were_elated, having_seen the master.
21Therefore the Yaʸsous he_said to_them again:
Peace to_you_all, as the father has_sent_ me _out, also_I am_sending you_all.
22And having_said this, he_breathed_on them and is_saying to_them:
Receive holy the_spirit.
23If of_any you_all_may_forgive the sins, they_have_been_forgiven to_them, if of_any you_all_may_be_restraining, they_have_been_restrained.

20:24 Thomas sees the evidence for himself

24But Thomas, one of the twelve (nicknamed ‘Twin’), wasn’t with them when Yeshua had come 25so the other trainees told him, “We have seen the master.”

But he replied, “I won’t believe that unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands and I can put my finger into the marks and can put my hand into the gash on his side.”

26Eight days later, Yeshua’s trainees were again together inside, and this time Thomas was with them. 27Yeshua came and stood in the middle of the room even though the doors were shut, and said, “Peace to you all.

28Thomas spoke up, “My master and my god!”

29So you believe now because you’ve seen me,” said Yeshua. “The ones who haven’t seen me, but who believe anyway, will certainly be rewarded.

24But Thōmas, one of the twelve, the one being_called Didumos/[twin], was not with them when Yaʸsous came.
25Therefore the other apprentices/followers were_saying to_him:
We_have_seen the master.
But he said to_them:
If I_may_ not _see the mark of_the nails in the hands of_him, and I_may_put the finger of_me into the mark of_the nails, and I_may_put the hand of_me into the side of_him, by_no_means I will_ not _be_believing.
26And after eight days the apprentices/followers of_him were again inside, and Thōmas with them.
the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) Is_coming, the doors having_been_shut, and stood in the midst, and said:
Peace to_you_all.
27Thereafter he_is_saying to_ the _Thōmas:
Be_bringing the finger of_you here, and see the hands of_me, and be_bringing the hand of_you, and put it into the side of_me, and be_ not _becoming unbelieving, but believing.
28Thōmas answered and said to_him:
- master of_me and the god of_me.
29The Yaʸsous is_saying to_him:
Because you_have_seen me, have_believed, blessed are the ones not having_seen, and_yet having_believed.

20:30 Why this document was written

30Yeshua went on to do many other miracles in front of his trainees which aren’t recorded in this account. 31But what has been written here has been recorded so that you might all believe that Yeshua is the messiah, God’s son, and then by believing, so that you might have true life through his power.

20:23: Mat 16:19; 18:18.

30Many therefore on_one_hand other signs the Yaʸsous also did before of_the apprentices/followers of_him, which is not having_been_written in the this scroll.
31On_the_other_hand these things has_been_written, in_order_that you_all_may_be_believing that Yaʸsous is the chosen_one/messiah, the son of_ the _god, and in_order_that believing, you_all_may_be_having life in the name of_him.

YHN (JHN) 20 ©

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