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Open English Translation YHN (JHN) Chapter 13

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Readers’ Version

Literal Version

13:1 Yeshua washes the feet of his apprentices

13Even before the actual feast part of the Passover celebrations, Yeshua knew that his time had come—the time when he would leave this world and return to the father. He loved his followers who were in the world right through to the end.

2And now it was getting near time for the dinner and the devil had already put into Yudas Iscariot’s mind the idea of handing Yeshua over to the authorities. 3Yeshua knew that the father had given everything to him, putting it under his control, and he knew that he had come from God and would return to God. 4So he got up from the dinner table, changed out of his clothes, and wrapped a linen towel around himself. 5Then he put water into the wash bowl and started washing the feet of his apprentices, wiping them dry with the linen towel that was he was wearing wrapped around him. 6After he’d washed a few, he got to Simon Peter who asked him, “Master, are you going to wash my feet?”

7What I’m doing now,Yeshua answered, “you won’t really understand, but in the future you will.

8Peter responded, “Well I’m never ever going to let you wash my feet!”

If I don’t wash them,Yeshua answered, “then you won’t be included in my group.

9“Well, if that’s so,” Peter said, “don’t just wash my feet but my hands and my head as well.”

10Yeshua responded, “Any person who’s already washed themselves only needs to wash their feet now to be clean. And so you’re clean, but not every one of you.11He said this last bit because he already knew who was going to hand him over.

12[ref]So when he’d finished washing their feet, he got dressed again and sat down and asked, “Do you know what I just did to you all? 13You call me teacher and master, and so you should, because I am. 14So if the master and teacher of you all washed your feet, then you also ought to wash each other’s feet. 15I have given this to you all as an example that you can also do to others. 16[ref]I can assure you that a slave isn’t greater than his master, and an missionary isn’t greater than the king who sends him. 17If you can figure all this out and then do it, you will be blessed by God.

18[ref]But I’m not talking about all of you. I know each one that I chose, but this that was written in the scriptures must be fulfilled,

‘The one sharing food with me, lifted up his boot against me.’

19So I’m telling you now before it happens so that when it does happen, then you’ll all believe that I am the messiah. 20[ref]I can assure you all that anyone who accepts any person that I might send, they’re accepting me, and anyone who accepts me, is accepting the one who sent me.

13And before the feast of_the passover_feast, the Yaʸsous having_known that the hour of_him came, that he_may_depart out_of the this world to the father, having_loved his own who were in the world, he_loved them to the_end.
2And becoming, supper, the devil already having_put into the heart Youdas/(Yəhūdāh) of_Simōn Iskariōtaʸs that may_give_ him _over, 3having_known that the father has_given all things to_him, into his hands, and that he_came_out from god and he_is_going to the god, 4he_is_being_raised from the supper and is_laying aside his clothes, and having_taken a_linen_towel he_girded himself.
5Thereafter he_is_putting water into the wash_basin, and began to_be_washing the feet of_the apprentices/followers, and to_be_wiping_off them with_the linen_towel with_which he_was having_been_girded.
6Therefore he_is_coming to Simōn Petros.
He_is_saying to_him:
master, are_ you _washing the feet of_me?
7Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) answered and said to_him:
What I am_doing, you you_have_ not _known now, but you_will_be_knowing after these things.
8Petros is_saying to_him:
By_no_means you_may_ not _wash the feet of_me to the age.
Yaʸsous answered to_him:
If I_may_ not _wash you, are_ not _having part with me.
9Simōn Petros is_saying to_him:
master, not only the feet of_me, but also my hands and my head.
10The Yaʸsous is_saying to_him:
The one having_been_washed is_ not _having need, except to_wash not/lest the feet, but he_is all clean, and you_all are clean, but not all.
11For/Because he_had_known the one giving_ him _over, because_of this he_said, that You_all_are not all clean.
12Therefore when he_washed the feet of_them, and took the clothes of_him, and sat_down, again he_said to_them:
Are_you_all_knowing what I_have_done to_you_all?
13You_all are_calling me the Teacher and, the master, and you_all_are_saying rightly, because/for I_am.
14Therefore if I the master and the Teacher washed the feet of_you_all, you_all also are_ought to_be_washing the feet of_one_another.
15For/Because I_gave to_you_all an_example that as I did to_you_all, you_all also may_be_doing.
16Truly, truly, I_am_saying to_you_all, is not a_slave greater than the master of_him, nor an_ambassador greater than the one having_sent him.
17If you_all_have_known these things, you_all_are blessed if you_all_may_be_doing them.
18I_am_speaking not about all of_you.
I have_known whom_all I_chose, but in_order_that the scripture may_be_fulfilled:
The one eating the bread with me, lifted_up the heel of_him against me.
19From now I_am_telling to_you_all before the time to_become, in_order_that you_all_may_believe whenever it_may_become that I am he.
20Truly, truly, I_am_saying to_you_all, the one receiving wishfully anyone I_may_send, is_receiving me, and the one receiving me, is_receiving the one having_sent me.

13:21 Yeshua indicates who will hand him over

(Mat. 26:20-25, Mark 14:17-21, Luke 22:21-23)

21After saying these things, Yeshua thoughts were troubled and he said, “I can assure you that one of you will be turning me in.

22This made his apprentices glance around at each other, puzzled about which one he was talking about. 23One of them that Yeshua especially liked,[fn] was leaning against him at the table. 24So Simon Peter nodded to him to find out who Yeshua had been talking about, 25and he leaned back on Yeshua and asked quietly, “Master, who is it?”

26It’s the one I hand this piece of bread to after I’ve dipped it in the sauce,Yeshua answered. Then after dipping his piece of bread in, he gave it to Yudas Iscariot. 27After accepting the piece of bread, Satan entered into Yudas, and then Yeshua told him, “What you’re about to do, do it soon.” 28But none of the others sitting around the table knew what Yeshua meant. 29Some of them thought that since Yudas held their purse, perhaps Yeshua was getting him to buy something they needed for the feast or to give something to the poor.

30Anyway, having eaten the piece of bread, Yudas went straight outside where it was already dark.

21Having_said these things, the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) was_disturbed the in_spirit and testified and said:
Truly, truly, I_am_saying to_you_all that one of you_all will_be_giving_ me _over.
22Therefore the apprentices/followers were_looking among one_another, perplexing about whom he_is_speaking.
23And one out_of the apprentices/followers whom the Yaʸsous was_loving was reclining in the bosom of_him of_ the _Yaʸsous.
24Therefore Simōn Petros is_nodding to_this one, to_inquire who wishfully it_might_be about whom he_is_speaking.
25therefore that one Having_leaned_back thus on the chest of_ the _Yaʸsous, is_saying to_him:
master, who is_it?
26the Yaʸsous is_answering:
That one is to_whom I, having_dipped the piece_of_bread will_be_handing_out it.
And having_dipped the piece_of_bread, he_is_giving to_Youdas/(Yəhūdāh) of_Simōn Iskariōtaʸs.
27And after the piece_of_bread, then the Satan/(Sāţān) came_in into that one.
Therefore the Yaʸsous is_saying to_him:
What you_are_doing, do more_quickly.
28And no_one of_the ones reclining knew, to what he_said this to_him.
29For/Because some were_supposing, because Youdas was_having the moneybag, that the Yaʸsous is_saying to_him:
Buy of_what things we_are_having need for the feast, or in_order_that something may_give to_the poor.
30Therefore having_received the piece_of_bread, that one came_out immediately.
And it_was night.

13:31 The new command to love each other

31After Yudas had gone, Yeshua told the others, “Now humanity’s child will be honoured and God will be honoured through him. 32Also God himself will be honouring him and will do that immediately. 33My friends, I’ll only be with you a little bit longer. Then you’ll all look for me and as I told[ref] the religious leaders, you won’t be able to go where I’m going. So now I’ve also told all of you. 34[ref]I’m giving you a new commandment—you need to love each other. The way that I loved all of you is how you should love each other. 35This is actually how you’ll know if you are my followers: if you are loving each other.

31Therefore when he_came_out, Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) is_saying:
Now the son of_ the _man was_glorified, and the god was_glorified in him.
32Also the god will_be_glorifying him in himself, and immediately will_be_glorifying him.
33Little_children, I_am still a_little time with you_all.
You_all_will_be_seeking me, and as I_said to_the Youdaiōns, that Where I am_going, you_all are_ not _being_able to_come, now I_am_ also _saying to_you_all.
34I_am_giving to_you_all a_ new _command, that you_all_may_be_loving one_another, as I_loved you_all, that also you_all may_be_loving one_another.
35By this all will_be_knowing that you_all_are my apprentices/followers, if you_all_may_be_having love among one_another.

13:36 Yeshua predicts that Peter will disown him

(Mat. 26:31-35, Mark 14:27-31, Luke 22:31-34)

36Now Peter followed-up, “Master, where are you going?”

Where I’m going,Yeshua answered, “you won’t be able to follow me at this stage, but you will follow me eventually.

37Peter asked again, “Why can’t I follow after you now? I’m prepared to give my life for you.”

38You think you’ll be giving your life for me?Yeshua responded. “I can assure you that the rooster won’t crow until you’ve already disowned knowing me three times.

13:23 This apprentice, unnamed here, is assumed to be the author of this account (being shy or modest).

36Simōn Petros is_saying to_him:
master, where you_are_going?
Yaʸsous answered to_him:
Where I_am_going, you_are_ not _being_able to_follow after_me now, but you_will_be_following later.
37The Petros is_saying to_him:
master, because/for_ why _reason I_am_ not _being_able to_follow after_you now?
I_will_be_laying down the life of_me for you.
38Yaʸsous Is_answering:
Will_you_be_laying the life of_you for me?
Truly, truly, I_am_saying to_you, by_no_means the_rooster may_ not _crow, until of_which you_will_be_disowning me three-times.

YHN (JHN) 13 ©

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