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Open English Translation YHN (JHN) Chapter 12

YHN (JHN) 12 ©

Readers’ Version

Literal Version

12:1 Maria sacrifices expensive fragrant oil

(Mat. 26:6-13, Mark 14:3-9)

12Because of this, Yeshua went to Bethany six days before the Passover. This was where Lazarus lived, the one he had brought back to life. 2So they prepared dinner for him there and Martha was serving and Lazarus was among those sitting with Yeshua. 3[ref]Then Maria took about 300g of very expensive nard oil and smeared it on Yeshua’s feet, and then wiped off his feet with her own hair, and the house was filled with the fragrance of the oil. 4But Yudas, one of Yeshua’s apprentices (the one who would eventually turn him in) complained, 5“How come this lotion wasn’t sold for almost a year’s wages and then the money given to the poor?” 6But he didn’t say this because he cared for poor people, but because he carried the purse for the group and used to steal from it.

7But Yeshua responded, “Let her continue. She has kept this for the time of my burial. 8[ref]You’ll always have poor people with you, but you won’t always have me here.

12Therefore the Six days before the passover_feast Yaʸsous, came to Baʸthania, where Lazaros was, whom Yaʸsous raised from the_dead.
2Therefore they_made a_supper for_him there, and the Martha was_serving, and the Lazaros was one of the ones reclining with him.
3Therefore the Maria/(Miryām) having_taken a_litra_weight of_ointment of_ precious genuine _nard, anointed the feet of_ the _Yaʸsous, and wiped_off the feet of_him with_the hairs of_her, and the house was_filled with the aroma of_the ointment.
4But Youdas/(Yəhūdāh) the Iskariōtaʸs, one of_the apprentices/followers of_him, the one going to_be_giving_ him _over, is_saying, 5for/because_ Why _reason this the ointment was_ not _sold for/because_three_hundred daʸnarion_coins, and was_given to_the_poor?
6But he_said this, not that was_caring to_him for the poor, but because he_was a_thief, and having the moneybag was_bearing the money being_thrown in.
7Therefore the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) said:
Allow her, in_order_that she_may_keep it for the day of_the burial of_me.
8For/Because you_all_are_ always _having the poor with yourselves, but you_all_are_ not always _having me.

12:9 The leaders also plan to kill Lazarus

9When it was discovered that Yeshua was there in Bethany, many Yudeans started arriving, not only because of Yeshua, but also to see Lazarus who’d been dead and Yeshua had brought him back to life. 10But the chief priests decided in a meeting that they should also have Lazarus killed, 11because many people were ignoring them and instead were believing that Yeshua came from God.

9Therefore the a_ great _crowd of the Youdaiōns knew that he_is there, and they_came, not only because_of the Yaʸsous, but in_order_that they_may_ also _see the Lazaros, whom he_raised from the_dead.
10But the chief_priests counselled that they_may_kill_off the Lazaros also, 11because many of_the Youdaiōns were_going_away because_of him, and they_were_believing in the Yaʸsous.

12:12 Yeshua rides into Yerusalem with many cheers

(Mat. 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-40)

12The next day a large crowd of people who had come for the celebrations and had heard that Yeshua was coming to Yerusalem 13[ref]took long branches from palm trees and brought them out as they went to meet him. They called out, “Honoured saviour! The one coming in the authority of the master has been blessed by God. This is Israel’s king.”

14Now Yeshua had found a young donkey and rode it into the city just like it was written in the scriptures,

15[ref]“Don’t be worried you children of Zion. Your king is coming mounted on a donkey’s foal.”

16(Yeshua’s apprentices didn’t realise all these things at the time, but it was later after Yeshua was lifted up to heaven that they were reminded that these things had been written about him, and that they had indeed happened to him.)

17People in the crowd were telling each other about how they’d been with Yeshua when he’d called Lazarus out from the burial chamber and brought him back to life, 18So because of this, others also wanted to met Yeshua because they’d heard that he’d done that miracle. 19So the Pharisees discussed this together, “We’re getting nowhere with this. Look, it seems like the whole world wants to follow him.”

12On_the day of_next the great crowd, the one having_come to the feast, having_heard that the Yaʸsous is_coming into Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim), 13they_took the palm_branches of_the palm_trees and came_out in meeting to_him, and they_were_crying_out:
Having_been_blessed is the one coming in the_name of_the_master, and the king of_ the _Israaʸl/(Yisrāʼēl).
14And the Yaʸsous having_found a_little_donkey, sat_down on it, as is having_been_written, 15Be_ not _fearing, daughter of_Siōn/(Tsiyyōn), see, the king of_you is_coming, sitting on a_colt of_a_donkey.
16The Disciples of_him not knew these things from_the first, but when Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) was_glorified, then they_were_reminded that these things was having_been_written concerning him, and they_did these things to_him.
17Therefore the crowd was_testifying which being with him, when he_called the Lazaros out_of the tomb, and raised him from the_dead.
18Because_of this the crowd also met with_him, because they_heard about_him to_have_done the this sign.
19Therefore the Farisaios_party said to themselves:
You_all_are_observing that you_all_are_ not _benefiting nothing, see, the world went_away after him.

12:20 Some Greeks want to meet Yeshua

20And some Greek people were also going to Yerusalem to worship God at the celebrations 21and they approached Philip from Bethsaida (up in Galilee) and asked him, “Mister, we’d like to meet this Yeshua.” 22So Philip went and told Andrew, and the two of them went and told Yeshua.

20And Hellaʸns were some of the ones going_up, in_order_that they_may_prostrate at the feast, 21therefore these approached to_Filippos, who from Baʸthsaida of_ the _Galilaia/(Gālīl), and they_were_asking him saying:
Master, we_are_wanting to_see the Yaʸsous.
22The Filippos is_coming and he_is_telling to_ the _Andreas, Andreas and Filippos is_coming and they_are_telling to_ the _Yaʸsous.

12:23 Yeshua predicts his death again

23Now Yeshua told them, “The time has come for humanity’s child to be honoured. 24I can assure you that unless a wheat seed drops into the ground and dies, it will stay just as it is, but if it dies, it’s able to produce a harvest. 25[ref]Anyone who loves their life will lose it, but the person hating their life in this world will stay alive forever. 26Anyone who wants to serve me needs to follow after me, so that wherever I am, my servant will also be there. Anyone who serves me will be honoured by the father.

27Now, I’m very troubled. What else could I say other than, ‘Father, let me avoid what’s coming.’ But it was exactly this that I came for. 28Father, may your authority and be honoured.

And a voice from the sky answered, “I’ve already brought honour to it and will do so again.”

29This caused some in the crowd standing there to say that they’d heard thunder while others said that a messenger must have spoken to Yeshua.

30That voice wasn’t for my sake,Yeshua responded, “but for all of you. 31This world is about to be judged and its ruler will be thrown out, 32and when I’m lifted up[fn] from the earth, I will attract everyone towards me.33By saying this, he was indicating how he was going to die.

34[ref]So the crowd queried him, “We heard from the scriptures that the messiah will stay until the end of the age so why do you say that humanity’s child will be lifted up. And who is this ‘humanity’s child’?”

35Yeshua answered them, “The light will be among you all for just a little bit longer, so get walking while you have the light so that you won’t have to deal with darkness. Anyone walking in the dark doesn’t know where they’re going. 36While you still have the light, believe in the light so that you will become children of light.

Yeshua said these things and then after leaving them, he was hidden from them.

23And the Yaʸsous is_answering to_them saying:
The hour has_come, in_order_that the son of_ the _man may_be_glorified.
24Truly, truly, I_am_saying to_you_all, if the seed of_ the _wheat may_ not _die_off having_fallen into the ground, only it is_remaining, but if it_may_die_off, it_is_bearing much fruit.
25The one loving the life of_him, is_losing it, and the one hating the life of_him in the this world, will_be_keeping it to eternal life.
26If anyone may_be_serving unto_me, him _let_be_following after_me, and where am I, there also the the my servant will_be.
If anyone may_be_serving unto_me, the father will_be_honouring him.
27Now the soul of_me has_been_disturbed, and what may_I_say:
father, save me from the this hour?
But because_of this, I_came to the this hour.
28father, glorify the name of_you.
Therefore a_voice came out_of the heaven:
Both I_glorified it, and I_will_be_glorifying it again.
29Therefore the crowd which having_stood and having_heard, was_saying thunder to_have_become.
Others were_saying:
An_messenger has_spoken to_him.
30Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) answered and said, this the voice has_become not because_of me, but because_of you_all.
31Now is the_judgment of_ the this _world, now the ruler of_ the this _world will_be_being_thrown_out out.
32And_I if may_be_exalted from the earth, I_will_be_drawing all to myself.
33But he_was_saying this, signifying by_what death he_was_going to_be_dying_off.
34Therefore the crowd answered to_him:
We heard out_of the law that the chosen_one/messiah is_remaining to the age, and how are_saying you that it_is_fitting the son of_ the _man to_be_exalted?
Who is this the son of_ the _Man?
35Therefore the Yaʸsous said to_them:
The light is with you_all still a_little time.
be_walking while you_all_are_having the light, in_order_that you_all may_ not _grasp darkness, and the one walking in the darkness, has_ not _known where he_is_going.
36While you_all_are_having the light, be_believing in the light, in_order_that you_all_may_become sons of_light.
Yaʸsous spoke these things, and having_gone_away, was_hidden from them.

12:37 Many people refuse to stand for Yeshua

37Even though Yeshua had done so many miracles in front of the people, they didn’t believe that he was the messiah. 38[ref]This fulfilled what the prophet Isayah wrote,

Master, who believed our report?

And who was the master’s power revealed to?”

39Because of this, they weren’t able to believe, and again as Isayah wrote,

40[ref]“He has blinded their eyes and maimed their emotions,

so that they can’t see with their eyes and understand with their minds,

or they might be turned and then I would heal them.”

41Isayah wrote this because he saw the messiah’s greatness and spoke concerning him. 42Likewise, many of the Jewish leaders believed that Yeshua was the messiah, but they didn’t tell others because they didn’t want the Pharisee party to banish them from their services 43as they valued the praise of people more than praise from God.

37But having_done so_many signs of_him before them, they_were_ not _believing in him, 38in_order_that the message of_Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊyāh) the prophet may_be_fulfilled that he_said:
master, who believed in_the report of_us?
And to_whom was_revealed the arm of_the_master?
39Because_of this they_were_ not _able to_be_believing, because again Aʸsaias said, 40He_has_blinded the eyes of_them and he_maimed the heart of_them, in_order_that they_may_ not _see with_their eyes and they_may_understand with_their heart, and they_may_be_turned and I_will_be_healing them.
41Aʸsaias said these things, because he_saw the glory of_him, and spoke concerning him.
42Likewise however even many from of_the rulers believed in him, but because_of the Farisaios_party they_were_ not _confessing, in_order_that they_ not _may_become excommunicated.
43For/Because they_loved the glory of_ the _humans more than the glory of_ the _god.

12:44 It’s Yeshua’s teachings that will judge the hearers

44Then Yeshua called out, “Anyone who believes that I came from God is not just believing in me, but also believing in the one who sent me, 45and anyone who watches me working, is watching the one who sent me. 46I came into this world as light so that anyone who believes in me won’t have darkness residing in them. 47I won’t be judging anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it, because I didn’t come to judge the world but rather to save it. 48Anyone who rejects me and doesn’t accept my teaching does have a judge though—it’s the message that I spoke that will judge them at the end of time 49because I wasn’t speaking from my own thoughts, but it was the father himself who sent me that told me what to say and what to teach. 50And I’m fully aware that obeying his commands leads to living forever. Therefore whenever I speak, I just say whatever the father said to me.

12:32 lifted up / exalted: See

44and Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) cried_out and said:
The one believing in me, is_ not _believing in me, but in the one having_sent me, 45and the one observing me, is_observing the one having_sent me.
46I have_come into the world as_a_light, in_order_that everyone which believing in me, in the darkness may_ not _remain.
47And if anyone may_hear of_the messages of_me, and not may_keep them, I am_ not _judging him, because/for I_came not, in_order_that I_may_judge the world, but in_order_that I_may_save the world.
48The one rejecting me and not receiving the messages of_me, is_having the one judging him, the message which I_spoke, that will_be_judging him at the last day.
49Because I spoke not from myself, but the father himself having_sent me to_me has_given a_command, what I_may_say, and what I_may_speak.
50And I_have_known that the command of_him is eternal life.
Therefore what I am_speaking, as the father has_said to_me, thus I_am_speaking.

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