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Open English Translation JOHN Chapter 3

JOHN 3 ©

This is still a very early look into the unfinished text of the Open English Translation of the Bible. Please double-check the text in advance before using in public.

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Literal Version

3:1 Yeshua tells Nicodemus about the need to be reborn

3After dark one evening, a Jewish leader named Nicodemus who was a member of the Pharisee party 2went to Yeshua and said, “Teacher, we know that God has sent you as a teacher, because no one could do these kinds of miracles if God wasn’t with him.”

3Yeshua responded, “I’ll tell you frankly that no one can enter God’s kingdom unless he is reborn.

4Nicodemus questioned, “How can an adult be reborn? A person can’t just return to their mother’s womb and then get born a second time!”

5But Yeshua continued, “Honestly, I’m telling you: unless a person is born from both water and the spirit, they can’t enter God’s kingdom. 6Someone that’s born from a body is flesh and bone, but someone that’s born from God’s spirit is spiritual. 7So you shouldn’t be surprised that I told you that everyone needs to be reborn. 8The wind blows wherever it wants, and you can hear its sound but you can’t actually see where it’s coming from and where it’s going to. So too with everyone who’s born from God’s spirit.

9Nicodemus replied, “How can all this even happen?”

10You’re a Jewish teacher,Yeshua answered, “and yet you don’t know all this? 11It’s true that we just teach what we know, and explain what we’ve seen ourselves, but you people aren’t accepting our testimony. 12If I tell all of you earthly things and you don’t believe them, how will you ever believe if I explain heavenly things? 13None of you have gone up into heaven, but I, humanity’s child, have come down from heaven.

14[ref]Just like Moses lifted up that bronze snake on a pole in the wilderness, it’s also necessary for humanity’s child to be lifted up,[fn] 15so that everyone who believes in him won’t die, but will live forever.[fn] 16Because in that same way, God loves the people of the world enough to cause his only son to be born and to give him to the world, so that everyone who believes this will not die, but will go on to live forever.

17God didn’t send his son here to condemn people, but rather to save them. 18Anyone who trusts in me will not be condemned. However, anyone who doesn’t believe this has already been condemned because he rejected the authority of the only son that God fathered. 19And this is the verdict: that light has come into the world, but some people love the darkness more than the light because they do evil things, 20because everyone who does evil things hates the light and doesn’t come to the light so that their actions won’t be exposed. 21But anyone who does what is right, comes toward the light so that their actions can be revealed as being done with God’s help.

3And was a_man of the Farisaios_party, Nikodaʸmos the_name to_him, a_ruler of_the Youdaiōns, 2this one came to him by_night, and said to_him:
, My_great_one, we_have_known that you_have_come from god as_a_teacher, because/for no_one is_able to_be_doing these the signs, what you are_doing, if the god not may_be with him.
3Yaʸsous answered and said to_him:
Truly, truly, I_am_saying to_you, if anyone not may_be_born again, he_is_ not _able to_see the kingdom of_ the _god.
4Nikodaʸmos is_saying to him:
How is_ a_person _able to_be_born, being old?
He_is_ not _able to_come_in into the womb of_the mother of_him secondly and to_be_born?
5Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) answered:
Truly, truly, I_am_telling to_you, if anyone not may_be_born of water and of_spirit, he_is_ not _able to_come_in into the kingdom the of_god.
6The thing having_been_born of the flesh, is flesh, and the thing having_been_born of the spirit, is spirit.
7You_may_ not _wonder that I_said to_you:
It_is_fitting you_all to_be_born again.
8The spirit it_is_blowing where is_wanting, and you_are_hearing the sound of_it, but you_have_ not _known from_where it_is_coming, and where it_is_going, thus is everyone which having_been_born of the spirit.
9Nikodaʸmos answered and said to_him:
How is_ these things _able to_become?
10Yaʸsous answered and said to_him:
You are the teacher of_ the _Israaʸl/(Yisərāʼēl), and you_are_ not _knowing these things?
11Truly, truly, I_am_saying to_you that we_are_speaking what we_have_known, and we_are_testifying what we_have_seen, and you_all_are_ not _receiving the testimony of_us.
12If I_told the earthly things to_you_all, and you_all_are_ not _believing, how you_all_will_be_believing if I_may_tell to_you_all the heavenly things?
13And no_one has_gone_up into the heaven, except not/lest the one having_come_down out_of the heaven, the son of_ the _Man.
14And as Mōsaʸs/(Mosheh) exalted the serpent in the wilderness, thus it_is_fitting the son of_ the _man to_be_exalted, 15in_order_that everyone which believing in him may_be_having eternal life.
16For/Because thus the god loved the world, so_that he_gave the the only_begotten son, in_order_that everyone which believing in him may_ not _perish, but may_be_having eternal life.
17For/Because the god not sent_out his son into the world, in_order_that he_may_judge the world, but in_order_that the world may_be_saved through him.
18The one believing in him not is_being_judged.
But the one not believing, has_been_ already _judged, because he_has_ not _believed in the name of_the only_begotten son of_ the _god.
19And this is the judgment, that the light has_come into the world, and the people loved the darkness rather than the light, because/for the works of_them was evil.
20For/Because everyone which doing evil, is_hating the light, and is_ not _coming to the light, in_order_that the works of_him may_be_ not _rebuked.
21But the one practicing the truth, is_coming to the light, in_order_that the works of_him may_be_revealed, that it_is having_been_worked in god.

3:22 Yohan approves of Yeshua’s popularity

22After this, Yeshua and his followers went down to Yudea, and stayed there and immersed some believers. 23Yohan was also immersing people at Aenon near Salim because there was plenty of water there and people would come to him to get immersed. 24[ref](At this point in time, Yohan had not yet been put in prison.) 25Then a debate about purification started between Yohan’s followers and a religious leader.[fn] 26So some people went to Yohan and said, “Teacher, that man that came to you across the river and that you testified about, now he’s immersing people and so they’re all going to him.”

27None of us get anything if it’s not being given from heaven,” Yohan answered. 28[ref]“You yourselves know that I said that I’m not the messiah, but rather the one coming before him. 29It’s the groom that has the bride—the best man is happy because he sees that the groom is happy. So I’m actually completely happy with all this. 30It’s right and proper that he should increase and I should fade out.”

31“The one who came down from heaven is greater than any of us. We came from this world and speak in our earthly ways. The one who came down from heaven is greater than any of us. 32He explains about what he’s seen and heard, but people don’t believe him. 33Anyone who does believe him, confirms that God is true. 34The one that God sent tells us God’s words, because God doesn’t ration his spirit. 35[ref]The father loves the son and has put him in charge of everything. 36Anyone who believes God’s son will live forever, but anyone who disobeys the son won’t be seeing life, but will feel God’s severe anger instead.”

3:14 lifted up / exalted: See

3:15 See


22After these things the and Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) the apprentices/followers of_him came into the Judean land, and there he_was_staying with them and was_immersing.
23And the Yōannaʸs was also immersing in Ainōn near the Saleim, because much water was there, and they_were_arriving and were_being_immersed.
24For/Because the Yōannaʸs was not_yet having_been_throw into the prison.
25Therefore became a_debate of the apprentices/followers of_Yōannaʸs with a_Youdaios about purification.
26And they_came to the Yōannaʸs and they_said to_him:
, My_great_one, who was with you beyond the Yordanaʸs/(Yarəddēn), to_whom you have_testified, see, this one is_immersing and all are_coming to him.
27Yōannaʸs answered and said:
A_person is_ not _able to_be_receiving, not_even one if not it_may_be having_been_given to_him from the heaven.
28Yourselves you_all are_testifying to_me that I_said:
I am not the chosen_one/messiah, but, that Having_been_sent_out I_am before that one.
29The one having the bride, is the_bridegroom, but the friend of_the bridegroom, the one having_stood and hearing from_him, is_rejoicing with_joy because_of the voice of_the bridegroom.
Therefore this the my the joy has_been_fulfilled.
30That one it_is_fitting to_be_increasing, but me to_be_being_made_less.
31The one coming from_above, is above all things.
The one being from the earth, is from the earth, and is_speaking from the earth.
The one coming from the heaven, is above all things.
32What he_has_seen and heard, this he_is_testifying, but no_one is_receiving the testimony of_him.
33The one having_received of_him the testimony, he_sealed that the god is true.
34For/Because whom the god sent_out, is_speaking the messages of_ the _god, because/for he_is_giving the spirit not by measure.
35The father is_loving the son, and has_given all things in the hand of_him.
36The one believing in the son, is_having eternal life, but the one disbelieving in_the son, not will_be_seeing life, but the severe_anger of_ the _god is_remaining on him.

JOHN 3 ©