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Open English Translation YHN (JHN) Chapter 16

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Readers’ Version

Literal Version

16I’ve told you this so that you won’t stumble. 2First they will ban you all from their religious services, then there’s a time coming when people will kill you thinking they’re actually doing a sacred service to God, 3but they’ll be doing these things because they don’t know either the father or me. 4I’ve told you these things so that when they happen in the future, you’ll remember that I’ve already told you about them.

16I_have_spoken these things to_you_all, in_order_that you_all _may_ not _be_stumbled.
2they_will_be_making you_all excommunicated, but an_hour is_coming, that everyone which having_killed_ you_all _off, may_suppose it_is a_sacred_service to_be_offering the to_god.
3And they_will_be_doing these things, because they_ not _knew the father nor me.
4But I_have_spoken these things to_you_all, in_order_that whenever the hour of_them may_come, you_all_may_be_remembering that I told to_you_all about_them.
But these things I_ not _said to_you_all from the_beginning, because I_was with you_all.

16:5 The work of God’s spirit

I didn’t tell you all of this right at the beginning because I was with you all, 5but soon I’ll be returning to the one who sent me. Yet none of you are asking me where I’ll be going, 6rather you are all just weighed down because I’ve told you these things. 7But honestly it’s for your benefit that I will leave here, because if I don’t, then the assistant won’t be coming to you. But after I’ve gone, I’ll send him to you all. 8When he comes, he’ll scold the world about sin and teach them about righteousness and judgement— 9about sin because they don’t believe that I was sent by God, 10about righteousness because I am going to the father and you won’t be able to see me any longer, 11and about judgement because the ruler of this world has been judged.

12I still have a lot to tell you all, but you’re not able to handle it all right now. 13But when the assistant comes, the spirit of truth, he will guide you in all truth because he won’t be speaking from his own thoughts, but will tell you what he’s been told, and he will explain to you what’s still going to happen. 14He’ll be honouring me because he’ll take what is mine and will explain it to you all. 15Everything that the father has is mine, that’s why I said he will take what is mine and explain it to you.

5But now I_am_going to the one having_sent me, and no_one of you_all is_asking me:
Where are_you_going?
6But because I_have_spoken these things to_you_all, the sorrow has_filled the heart of_you_all.
7But I am_saying the truth to_you_all, it_is_benefitting for_you_all that I may_go_away.
For/Because if I_may_ not _go_away, the advocate he will_ not _be_coming to you_all, but if I_may_be_gone, I_will_be_sending him to you_all.
8And having_come, that one will_be_rebuking the world concerning sin, and concerning righteousness, and concerning judgment, 9concerning sin on_one_hand, because they_are_ not _believing in me, 10concerning righteousness on_the_other_hand, because I_am_going to the father, and you_all_are_ no_longer _observing me, 11on_the_other_hand concerning judgment, because the ruler of_ the this _world has_been_judged.
12I_am_ still _having many things to_be_saying to_you_all, but you_all_are_ not _being_able to_be_bearing them now.
13But whenever that one may_come, the spirit of_ the _truth, he_will_be_guiding you_all in all the truth, because/for he will_ not _be_speaking from himself, but as_much_as he_will_be_hearing, he_will_be_speaking, and he_will_be_declaring to_you_all the things coming.
14That one will_be_glorifying me, because he_will_be_taking of what is mine, and will_be_declaring to_you_all.
15All things as_much_as the father is_having, is mine, because_of this I_said that of the thing of_mine he_is_taking, and will_be_declaring to_you_all.

16:16 A brief upset coming followed by happiness

16It won’t be much longer and you won’t be able to see me any more, and then a little while after that, and you’ll see me again.”

17This got his followers asking each other, “What’s all this about seeing him for not much longer, and then seeing him again after a while? And why does he say he’s going to the father?18So they were saying, “What’s this about ‘not much longer’? We don’t know what he means.”

19However Yeshua knew what they wanted to ask him, and so he said to them, “You are trying to find out from each other what I meant when I said that you won’t be able to see me after a little while, and then a little while after that you’ll see me again. 20I can assure you that you’ll be weeping and mourning but the world will be elated. You’ll be upset but then your upset will turn into happiness. 21A woman giving birth has pains when the delivery begins, but when she hears that the baby is born, she doesn’t remember those pains any more because she’s so happy that her child was born. 22So too with all of you: you’ll be upset for a while but then I’ll be with you again and you’ll be so happy and no one will be able to take that happiness away from you.

23When that happens, you won’t be asking me for anything. I can assure you that whatever you request from the father in my name and my authority will be given to you. 24Up until now you haven’t asked him for anything using my authority, but after that time, you’ll be able to make requests and they’ll be answered so that your happiness will be complete.

16A_little time and you_all_are_ no_longer _observing me, and again a_little time and you_all_will_be_seeing me.
17Therefore the apprentices/followers of of_him said to one_another:
What is this that he_is_saying to_us:
A_little time and you_all_are_ not _observing me, and again a_little time and you_all_will_be_seeing me, and Because I_am_going to the father?
18Therefore they_were_saying:
What is this, which he_is_saying A_little time?
We_have_ not _known what he_is_speaking.
19Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) knew that they_were_wanting to_be_asking him, and he_said to_them:
You_all_are_seeking concerning this with one_another, because I_said:
A_little time and you_all_are_ not _observing me, and again a_little time and you_all_will_be_seeing me?
20Truly, truly, I_am_saying to_you_all that you_all will_be_weeping and will_be_lamenting, but the world will_be_being_elated, you_all will_be_being_sorrowed, but the sorrow of_you_all will_be_becoming to joy.
21The woman whenever she_may_be_bearing, is_having sorrow, because the hour of_her came, but whenever she_may_bear the little_child, she_is_ no_longer _remembering about_the tribulation because_of the joy that a_person was_born into the world.
22Therefore you_all also now on_one_hand you_all_are_having sorrow, on_the_other_hand I_will_be_seeing you_all again, and the heart of_you_all will_be_being_elated, and no_one is_taking_away the joy of_you_all, from you_all.
23And in that the day you_all will_ not _be_asking me nothing.
Truly, truly, I_am_saying to_you_all, wishfully anything you_all_may_request from_the father, in the name of_me.
Will_be_giving to_you_all.
24Until now you_all_ not _requested nothing in the name of_me.
Be_requesting and you_all_will_be_receiving, in_order_that the joy of_you_all may_be having_been_fulfilled.

16:25 A new era is coming very soon

25So far I’ve told you these things in parables, however a time is coming when I’ll no longer be speaking in parables but will tell you things about the father quite plainly. 26At that time you’ll have my authority to request from the father. I’m not saying that I’ll be asking him on your behalf, 27no, because he himself loves you all because you have loved me and have believed that I was sent by God. 28I was sent out by the father and I have come into the world, but I’ll be leaving the world again and returning to the father.

29Yeshua’s followers responded, “Ah, now you’re speaking plainly and not using parables. 30Finally we realise that you know everything already and don’t need to ask anyone else, and so we now believe that you came from God.”

31So now you all believe?Yeshua answered. 32The time is coming and is here already when you will all be scattered in various directions and will leave me by myself, but I won’t be alone because the father is always with me. 33I’ve told you these things so that you can all have peace in me. You will have troubles in this world, but be courageous because I have overcome the world.

25These things I_have_spoken to_you_all in allegories, an_hour is_coming when I will_ no_longer _be_speaking in allegories to_you_all, but I_will_be_reporting concerning the father with_plainness to_you_all.
26In that the day you_all_will_be_requesting in the name of_me, and I_am_ not _saying to_you_all that I will_be_asking the father for you_all, 27for/because the father himself is_loving you_all, because you_all have_loved me, and you_all_have_believed that I came_out from god.
28I_came_out from the father, and I_have_come into the world, again I_am_leaving the world, and I_am_going to the father.
29The Disciples of_him are_saying:
Behold, now you_are_speaking with plainness, and you_are_speaking not_one allegory.
30Now we_have_known that you_have_known all things, and you_are_ not _having need that anyone you may_be_asking.
By this we_are_believing that you_came_out from god.
31Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) answered to_them, are_you_all_believing Now?
32Behold, an_hour is_coming and has_come, that you_all_may_be_scattered each to his own, and_ you_all_may_leave _me only, and_yet I_ not _am alone, because the father is with me.
33I_have_spoken these things to_you_all, in_order_that you_all_may_be_having peace in me.
You_all_are_having tribulation in the world, but be_having_courage, I have_overcome the world.

YHN (JHN) 16 ©

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