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Parallel 1CH 1:1

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OET-RVNo OET-RV 1CH 1:1 verse available

OET-LVʼĀdām Shēt ʼEnōshh.

UHBאָדָ֥ם שֵׁ֖ת אֱנֽוֹשׁ׃ 
   (ʼādām shēt ʼenōsh.)

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Note: Automatic aligning of the OET-RV to the LV is done by some temporary software, hence the OET-RV alignments are incomplete (and may occasionally be wrong).

ULT Adam, Seth, Enosh,

UST The first person God created was Adam. Seth was Adam’s son. Enosh was Seth’s son.

BSB § Adam, Seth, Enosh,

OEBNo OEB 1CH book available

WEB Adam, Seth, Enosh,

NET Adam, Seth, Enosh,

LSV Adam, Seth, Enosh,

FBV Adam, Seth, Enosh,

T4TThe first person God created was Adam. Adam’s son was Seth. Seth’s son was Enosh. Enosh’s son was Kenan.

LEB Adam, Seth, Enosh;

BBE Adam, Seth, Enosh;

MOFNo MOF 1CH book available


ASV Adam, Seth, Enosh,

DRA Adam, Seth, Enos,

YLT Adam, Sheth, Enosh,

DBY Adam, Seth, Enosh,

RV Adam, Seth, Enosh;

WBS Adam, Seth, Enosh;

KJB Adam, Sheth, Enosh,

BB Adam, Seth, Enos.

GNV Adam, Sheth, Enosh,

CB Adam, Seth, Enos,

WYC Adam gendride Seth; Enos,
  (Adam begat/gave_birth_to Seth; Enos,)

LUT Adam, Seth, Enos,

CLV Adam, Seth, Enos,

BRNAdam, Seth, Enos,

BrLXX ἈΔΑΜ, Σὴθ, Ἐνὼς,
  (ADAM, Saʸth, Enōs,)

TSNTyndale Study Notes:

1:1–2:2 The Chronicler begins by showing Israel’s place among the nations, tracing their line of descent from Adam to Jacob, using material from Genesis.

UTNuW Translation Notes:

Note 1 topic: translate-names

(Occurrence 0) Adam … Seth … Enosh

(Some words not found in UHB: humankind Shet/Shēt ʼEnōshh )

These are all names of men. Each man was the father or ancestor of the next man in the list. If your language has a specific way to mark this kind of list, you can use it here.

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